The spirit of Grad Night has spread throughout the United States. Grad Night, Project Graduation, Sober Grad, Project Grad, Project Prom and Post Prom Celebrations are provided by a committed group of parents joining together with community members to provide their young people a safe, sober, and spectacular celebration.

The philosophy and ideals behind the Grad Night movement are interlinked with providing an event that is safe, sober, and spectacularly fun. More than “just a party,” this is a commitment by parents, school and the community to conduct a great, “once in a lifetime” celebration. Grad Night is a unique and spectacular celebration that is alcohol and drug free. It builds a spirit of togetherness among the graduates as they celebrate with friends and classmates. A sense of community is developed as everyone works to keep the students and graduates entertained and safe on potentially, the most dangerous night of their lives.

Grad Night celebrations are succeeding because of the commitment of parents, the backing of school and local governments, and the generous support of their communities. The graduates like celebrating all night with their friends and at many schools, this has become the only way to celebrate this special occasion.