The scholarship application will be live on Monday, February 5th at 3pm.  All applications are due by Friday, March 30th at 4p.m.  The application program is set on an automatic timer and is exact for Pacific Standard Time.  Absolutely no late applications will be processed. 

Applications can be accessed at http://scholarships.tahomahigh.com
This year programming updates have been processed for the recommendation section to make things easier for this step. The application process will show which sections have been completed and what still needs to be done. Due to letters of recommendation getting spammed or sent to other folders in some emails we strongly suggest you be attentive to the person you have requested and email them direct if your letter has not returned to your profile for submission. Remember you will not see the letter itself, but you will receive a check mark next to the progress of recommendation in your profile.


  • February 9 - finish all basic application information
  • February 16- complete all essays required
  • March 2 – send out recommendation requests
  • March 9 - verify requests were returned, or follow up on requests
  • March 16 - recheck all progress and finalize any incomplete items
  • March 23 - make sure everything is complete and submit applications

All questions may be directed to Stacy Pleskoff via email Tahomahspta@gmail.com, make sure to put scholarship question in the subject line.