June 03, 2020

Dear Senior Parents, 
As you know, due to COVID-19 our Senior Class Graduation looks a lot different than we planned this year. Our Grad Night Party, originally scheduled for the night of graduation, is now being canceled because of current social distancing restrictions. 
We have received notice from the contracted event management company, "Grad Nights", that they are being forced into Chapter 11, because their funds have been used to make deposits at various venues, leaving little cash flow for their company. By filing for Chapter 11, they are able to continue working and operating their business while they are restructuring their debts. Tahoma HS PTA has used the Grad Night Company for many years, as have many of our neighboring schools and despite their losses this year, we hope this small, family-run company survives their restructuring under Chapter 11 so they can continue offering safe, all-night graduation party services to our community in future years.  
If you purchased your Grad Night 2020 tickets via the BrownPaper Tickets website, please request a refund via refunds@brownpapertickets. Be sure to include your confirmation number. You can see their COVID-19 response and sign up for updates at https://covid-recovery.brownpapertickets.org. Please note that Brown Paper Tickets' refund processing is significantly delayed; however, all refund requests will be honored in full. 
If you purchased your Grad Night 2020 tickets directly from THS PTA by check, Tahoma HS PTA Grad Night 2020 can and will refund the ticket costs back to you. Those that purchased from THS PTA, please email tahomahspta@gmail.com to request a refund.
We really wanted our seniors to have this fun, safe night. 
This is not the position we were planning to be in, but we are still thinking positively and hoping for a memorable event for our kids!
Stay positive and thank you for your patience!
Tahoma HS PTA Grad Night 2020 Committee